why i am not a good kid as of late

NOTE* i haven't made any art in a long time however i can explain. i have moved and that take up a lot of time plus my father came to visit... which if you love me you will also want to do. my plans now are work and make plus learn to play many things namely the accordion, guitar and child's xilophone. but i may soon start working with two year olds if the cards are in my favor.  but i'll get right on it ok!?!

Bunny, Sheep and things i need to finish

so this is the scary bunny i made for Nick soon to be nephew. it's blue corduroy and short cut fur. i think i might have to make a none creepy gift
this is a sheep i made out of a cardboard box and old sweaters, i cut off it's legs and nailed it to my wall.

and these are two things i need to finish. the faceless lady is human size and i've been working on it off and on for like a year. the dog is about eight inches and i just nee to finish it's legs

so thats what i've been up to... i still am looking for work. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! <----(unrelated grrr)


todays animal is the fox not the goat.

yesterday  was the day of the goat. yes the goat was every where i looked, i was cool with it. the goat was cool with it. so today me and the goat are going to hang out, we are going to go to the park and eat things. but i will have to tell the goat that is not today's animal. that would be the fox it saw two foxes today both real and both in the same street, they weren't roller skating